In seven months, I still haven’t been called that. “Mrs.” I’m actually rather glad, because it’s a strange sort of old-sounding word that I think would make me a bit uncomfortable. Though I certainly don’t mind using my new last name, so I don’t know. Maybe hearing “Mrs.” wouldn’t kill me. I’m mostly just annoyed that “” is now incorrect, but my new name is not available as a domain.

To be honest, I’ve been wondering if keeping a website going is worth it at all. I rarely post and I’ve mostly switched to Gmail for all my emailing needs anyway. So I’m paying for a site that is essentially useless. I suppose I could also just, you know.. use it sometimes. Then it would be useful. Ah well. The contract doesn’t renew until June, so I have a little time to think about it.

Things are good here on the Olympic Peninsula. People keep asking if I miss Bellingham, and I keep saying the same thing: I never leave my house anyway, so it doesn’t really matter what city I live in. My kitchen window has a great view of Hurricane Ridge, so that’s nice. And Stoli seriously loves his new home. He runs up trees like a squirrel and brings about 2-3 garter snakes inside every day (completely unharmed, just covered in cat saliva). Also, there don’t seem to be any other cats who want to fight him here. So, thumbs up on that. I think it was a lot easier for me to move to a smaller town than it would have been for Axel to move to a larger city. It really is an incredibly gorgeous area. It has a natural, wild feel to it that I enjoy quite a lot.

I do miss Target, though. And Fred Meyer. Oh, Fred Meyer…

life is weird

So. I’m getting married Saturday. Yeah, I know. It’s crazy how things end up sometimes. One minute I’m moving into my own place and planning on spending a long, long time just being myself all solo-like, and the next thing I know, there’s some dude in an Indiana Jones hat being awesome and it just works. Bit of emotional whiplash, but if anyone has my back, it’s him. Seriously. Sometimes it feels like were specifically manufactured for each other. And I’m happy. There are people and things I’ve left and am leaving, and I’ll never stop caring about them, because I never really leave anything behind. But… to live will be an awfully big adventure. So off we go.

danger, danger! high voltage!

I swear I must be the most statically charged person in the world. I can’t understand it. I walk around like a normal human (for the most part), but somehow I generate an electrical field with sparks that will literally arc over two inches from my skin to another conductive object. I can even see them sometimes. I get zapped every time I exit my car, almost each time I walk through the steel doorway to my office at work, and by just about every door handle I ever contact. Sometimes the spark is strong enough that my fingers will go numb for a while afterward. Is that normal? Wait… am I a mutant? CAN I JOIN THE X-MEN? IS THAT WHAT THIS MEANS? My hero name will be.. Volt. Or.. Electric Ladyland. No wait.. Liteneen! Hmm. I haven’t gotten my invitation to Professor Xavier’s school yet, so I probably have time to think of a good one. Or maybe there’s a special “Choosing a Rad Superhero Name” introductory course. I hope so.

artwork: landscape



I had this sort of tucked away on the artwork page of the site and thought I should actually post it up front. It’s an old painting I did in oil on canvas, years ago now. I never named it, but I’m still very pleased with how it turned out. It’s also a nice memory, because I painted it with my friend Elaine in her basement studio. She and her husband moved back to Tasmania (yes, really) and I still miss them. Maybe someday I’ll be able to visit them on the other side of the planet. Though technically, since the Earth is a sphere, anywhere besides where you are directly standing is another side of the planet…

Anyway, I’m also figuring out how to make things automatically post into their appropriate pages. Turns out it really wasn’t that difficult. Category tags and page redirection and poof, it works.

how do you even get bit in the armpit?

So yes, it’s been a while. Again. -shrug- Oh well. There’s been a lot happening, but I think I’ll spread it out a bit to catch up gradually. Because yeah, big stuff. Real big.

One of the smaller events, but still rather upsetting, is that some other cat bit Stoli in the armpit and it got all infected. I’ve been taking him out to my parents’ house for some weekends when I’m gone or even when I’m here, just so he can run around outside and play and kill stuff like the good old days. He lovessss it. But last time I took him out there, he was gone for a 19-hour stretch and came back moving like an old man. We thought he had just gone on a cat version of a bender and came back tired and sore. He slept all day and most of the next, then I noticed he was limping. I thought it was a sprain, like he jumped down from too high of a spot or some other ill-advised stunt. So I took him home to my apartment and he got a little better, but he still had swelling in that leg. I finally was able to get him in to a vet (Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital, they were great). Turns out, yep, he had a nasty bite all the way up in his little cat armpit. Poor guy. It was probably that gray cat who always held screaming matches with him in the front yard at 2:00 am and who would sneak into the house through his cat door and steal his food. Stupid gray cat.

I didn’t see the bite there when I first checked him out, or I would have taken him to an urgent care place right away. But yeah, his muscle tissue was all infected and swollen, hence the limp. The vet gave him an antibiotic shot and some anti-inflammatory meds for the next few days. He’s obviously feeling so much better now. He’s back to being his annoying self in the apartment. But I don’t mind a little psycho mode here and there, because most of the time he looks like this and I melt:




a dashing warrior

So I signed up for Warrior Dash this summer. I’m rather excited for it, but it also led directly to me signing up with a gym, which I just said two posts ago that I didn’t want to do. Oh well. I know myself well enough to know I probably wouldn’t get into shape without a good reason (besides just wanting to be more trim ‘n’ fit). Plus gyms have nice elliptical machines, which is really the only way I can build up my stamina and running muscles without blowing out my joints from the impact of hitting the ground. Also it’s not a good idea for a lady to run or jog outside in the hours after I get off work, so the gym is good for the personal safety factor, too. Thumbs up. I’ma get so buff. Oh man.